Frequently asked questions...

Why should I choose a “Corporate Comics” comedy show? A Corporate Comics show gets everyone involved, and has three comics with distinct styles that offer something for EVERYONE. Comedy relaxes people, relieves stress and gives your employees a much needed break. Whether it be an office party or a training seminar, a Corporate Comics show will offer your employees a “reset button” that puts them in a great mood, and makes sure they remember the event. DJ’s, bands, and other entertainment offer the same old experience they can get any night on the town. Plus, these choices often leave half the attendees alienated because it was not their “kind of music.”

How much does a “Corporate Comics” show cost? Our shows are tailored to each event, so the length of the show, number of attendees, and other factors determine the price. We are proud to work with companies of every size and budget, so please call us for more details.

Who pays for the comic’s travel and hotel? WE DO! By working directly with Corporate Comics rather than through an agency, you only pay for the show itself. We handle all the travel and hotel arrangements. There are no hidden costs. The price you are quoted is all you pay.

What kind of events do you perform at? Any event you can plan, we can add entertainment to. For a list of the many corporate events we’ve performed at visit our OFFERINGS page.

Why three comics? Comedy clubs use a three act format because it is what works best. The first comic acts as the host, getting everyone involved and onboard for entertainment. The second act brings a different sense of humor, and the headliner send the audience over the top with his brand of comedy. This format guarantees a professional show that offers something for everyone. We have found that this formula works even better in corporate events where entertainment is often wedged in the schedule, frequently under less than ideal circumstances.

Can I hire just one comedian? Under certain circumstances, yes. We formed Corporate Comics because we know how much better a three comic show works. Comedy Clubs have been using three person shows forever--because it allows for a host, a feature and a headliner that all bring a different sense of humor to the audience---ensuring a good time is had by all. Plus, since we are not an agency, the price difference is minor. That being said, if you have a special need for only one or two comedians, we are always happy to work with you.

What can I expect from the show? Visit our VIDEO page for an extended sample of our acts. However, each show is tailored to YOUR company’s event the video is just a small taste of our acts. You can also check our TESTIMONIALS page to read reviews of shows we’ve done for other companies.

Why not go with an entertainment booking agency? By dealing directly with us, you avoid the overhead an agency needs to cover. You get the whole show, three comics, for ONE price. No added travel, hotel costs or hidden expenses. Plus, by dealing directly with the comics, you cut out the middleman and your company gets the event you want YOUR WAY.

For ANY other questions please call us at (310)500-5610. We’d be happy to help you.

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